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Please note that Ubio Labs, Inc. products are not compatible with the iPhone 12 or 13 due to their MagSafe technology.  Search our knowledge base under MagSafe for more info.
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Incompatibility with iPhone 12 and newer phones
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Most of our products were developed before the release of the iPhone 12 and 13 series. These new Apple devices use a system called "MagSafe", which uses a series of magnets to allow compatible devices to snap together.  However, MagSafe may pose an issue for Qi-Certified wireless chargers because it creates a possible heating hazard due to the magnets. iPhone 12 & 13 series phones are not compatible with the following devices:



The blinking orange light indicates that there is a foreign object interfering with the charge. Magnets and other metals interfere with the wireless charging and generate more heat which can fry circuitry inside your phone or even cause a fire. However, our wireless chargers are Qi-Certified -- this means your phone will be protected from overheating by Foreign Object Detection (FOD). With FOD, the charger will no longer communicate with the phone's request to output more power to protect it from these scenarios.

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