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Please note that Ubio Labs, Inc. products are not compatible with the iPhone 12 or 13 due to their MagSafe technology.  Search our knowledge base under MagSafe for more info.
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WCB141 / WCB181 Wireless Charging Stand
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Ubio Labs 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand


Please review the attachment for the User Instructions.


Special Note: Please note that this device does NOT work with the iPhone 12 series.  The iPhone 12 device contains a magnet within the phone.  This magnet interferes with the normal charging of the phone and users will get a "foreign object" warning that interferes with the charging.


Magnets and other metals interfere with the wireless charging and generate more heat, which can fry the circuitry within your phone or even cause a fire.  However, our wireless chargers are Qi Certified, which means they will protect your phone from overheating by stopping outputting of charge once the device reaches its peak temperature.  When this happens, the charger will no longer communicate with the phone's request for more power.


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